The following are frequently asked questions we receive in relation to our website services, if these don't answer your question please contact us and we'll be happy to answer any queries you may have.

General FAQs

How much does a website cost?

Our prices for a basic website start from £495. For us a basic website includes up to 5 webpages which can include text and basic images, an integrated content management system so you can make edits whenever you need to and we'll even throw in one years hosting and a free domain name to get you started.

Extra features such as a photo gallery, shop or forum would increase this cost.

What content management system do you use?

We have experience with various Content Management Systems including Joomla, Wordpress & Magnolia but we mainly work with Joomla.

We find Joomla provides greater flexibility and has a large open source community ensuring you have ongoing resources rather than being tied in to a single bespoke system. As its open source we also don't need to pay for it, nor develop it and so can ensure to keep the costs down for you.

Do your websites work on mobile devices?

We build all our websites using the latest HTML & CSS code and ensure they work with most modern web browsers, this ensures your website will work on most mobile devices such as iPhones. The majority of sites will work perfectly but can encounter some small layout issues.

If mobile devices are a high priority for your business and you require a dedicated mobile website this would require a second version of the website tailored to your requirements and so is not part of the basic service but we would of course discuss this requirement when first checking your website priorities.

What backups do you perform?

Most of our hosted websites include daily database backups and weekly full site backups to ensure if problems occur we can quickly restore your site to a recent backup.

We can of course make backups even more regularly if content changes frequently but for most sites this is normally more than adequate to give you peace of mind.

Do you make Flash websites?

We try to stay away from Flash websites as much as possible, largely due to Flash content not being searchable by most search engines, such as Google, effectively making it invisible to people searching the web for your product or service.

If this wasn't a good enough reason iPhone's, iPod's & iPads also don't support flash and with more people using these devices its also not a great idea to make your site this way. If you want a small area of your site to show a flash movie then thats no problem, our sites allow you to upload flash files onto your web pages.


Browser FAQs

Which web browsers do you support?

We ensure our websites work on the majority of modern web browsers, these include:

  • Internet Explorer 7 and above
  • Firefox 3.0 and above
  • Google Chrome 7.0 and above
  • Safari 5.0 and above
  • Opera 9.5 and above

Why don't you support IE6?

We decided some time back to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6 as we feel its a very outdated and unsecure web browser.

The number of people using it is declining and as it takes extra time to make a modern website work just as it does for other browsers we feel its better to be upfront and say its time to move on. Our websites include a small pop-up that tells anyone using Internet Explorer 6 (it only appears to these visitors) that they might want to consider upgrading and that this website works best in the latest Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers.

Of course if your target audience is still using Internet Explorer 6 we can make sure the website works just as well, it will just take extra time and therefore cost!

What happens when new browser versions are released?

This can be an interesting one, mainly when dealing with Internet Explorer. Unfortunately, new versions can sometimes mean making changes to your website to ensure it keeps up to date with all the latest technology developments. Sometimes this might cost extra depending on how much the new browser features affect your website template, but is impossible to say in advance.

Fortunately as we mainly deal with simply structured sites, using modern code, this is not too much of an issue and in most cases we will fix any issues should they arise.


Hosting FAQs

What is hosting?

Hosting is the term used to identify where your website is stored, normally on a web server (a specialist computer) either located in your offices, at a specialist web server hosting company or it could even be on a computer in your house!

Hosting is a very important part of your website as it holds all the webpages, documents and images used to display your site. When a visitor comes to your website address, the hosting server sends the visitor the information stored on it.

What are the benefits to hosting with you?

As we host many other websites we can pass on the savings of already having our own hosting to our new clients rather than you having to start from the beginning. And as we are already managing many other sites we keep a check to ensure everything is running smoothly and are sure to be on top of any problems should they arise, ensuring you can get on with your business and not be worrying if everything is working.

Do we need to host our website with you?

No, you do not need to host your website with us to retain our services. You are free to host your site with anyone you choose, even keep it in-house on your own equipment.

We just need FTP access onto your webserver to upload your website and it must be running PHP 5.2 +, MySQL 4.1.x + and Apache 2.x +. If you're not sure if your current server has this your hosting provider will be able to advise you.

Where are your hosting servers?

Our servers are all located in the UK and are covered by 24 x 7 support, 365 days of the year so you can be assured your website is in good hands.

How much is your hosting?

Our yearly fee for a standard business website is £99, this covers the majority of websites that will include basic webpages, a small image gallery and other standard website functionality. If you're looking to build the next You Tube or will need to store thousands of large files then this will be more expensive.